Gardening Services

At Valentine’s you can find the right service, tailored to your garden needs. We aim to deliver quality services, offering a variety of gardening help and labor. Starting from basic garden consultations, trough garden installation and maintenance, to remodeling and restoring of your outdoor spaces, we provide a list of specialized services for every element in your garden:

  • Grass – if your grass is anything but green, fresh and tidy, call us to get help with grass cutting, grass replacement, maintenance, seeds choices and much more;
  • Trees – if you need some shade, or you have too much of it, if a tree or some branches block the sun rays or your view, call us to get help with tree pruning, tree cutting and removal, tree planting and maintenance. Check out Landscaping service for more;
  • Hedges and fences – hedges are one the most laborious and time consuming garden elements. Hedge trimming for us is a stable in garden maintenance, as well as maintenance of most fences. Check out Landscaping service for more;
  • Leaves – this garden element calls for duty during fall season, covering the green surfaces and patios and cluttering gutters. Call us to help you with leaves removal;
  • Patio – complete patio service with cleaning, tile maintenance and advice. Check our Garden design section for more.
  • Weeding, planting, spraying – grass, trees, flowers, and other plants that make your garden the lovely place you need.

Garden Designs

Outdoor design and style is as important as indoor design. We think of comfort and functionality of our spaces, and that is exactly what we need outside as well. We need our garden to be pleasant to look at, but also fun and practical to move around. There are numerous shapes and colors, layouts and styles you can choose from, but if you can choose, we can help with that too. Whether you are thinking about a unique patio, a classic wooden style or a modern look of things, we can help with the whole design, both the creative part and the hard work. Get advice of types of materials and their use, ideas for combining the old with new, directions to specialized stores and warehouses to provide you with high quality elements for the perfect garden design.


Valentine’s landscaping services is the definite choice when it comes to the heavy works in your garden. We will check and determine the soil type, help with soil enhancement and recommend types of seeds ideal for our surroundings. If you like different textures and something more than just green grass, we provide mulch instalment and replacement, as well as hand weeding to all your surfaces and planters. This includes deep roots removing, as well as tree stump removal, tree trimming, branch redirection and tree replacement pruning of hedges and shrubs, shaping and rearranging is in our landscaping service.

When the seasons roll in, call Valentine’s for seasonal services, like snow removal, leaves removal and gutter cleaning. Ask for advice on how to protect your garden during the seasons, book and appointment for landscaping maintenance checkup. In this way you will protect your garden form expensive damages and timely repairs.